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Can disposable tableware be microwaved

Most disposable tableware, whether it melts or not, is best left unheated. Some disposable meal boxes can be heated. There are disposable lunch boxes made solely for heating, but it is difficult to judge whether they can be heated. Therefore, in my opinion, as long as there is no label on the box can be heated, the default is not heated.

Disposable lunch box can only be loaded with light meals, can not be used twice, the material of disposable lunch box is polystyrene, high temperature environment is easy to melt, more than 70℃ will appear deformation, easy to be corroded by strong acid and alkali, not anti-grease, easy to change color after ultraviolet irradiation.

The safety of foamed plastic tableware is related to the PH of food, whether it contains oil, temperature, etc. According to national regulations, the foamed plastic lunch box should be used below 70℃, so it is best to use only microwave heating appliances for safety.

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