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  • Meal box customization supplier


    Simply list a lunch box, we can see some signs on the appearance, lunch box customization 1. Non-toxic polyethylene plastic for milky white, semi-transparent body, hand touch paraffin smooth, soft texture can bend. Placed in water can float on the surface of the water, boiling water significantly softened. It is easy to burn in case of fire, and wax drops when burning, and has the smell of burning wax. The flame tip is yellow, the lower end is blue, less smoke. It can continue to burn after being removed from the fire. 2. Non-toxic polypropylene plastic for milky white, semi-transparent body, hand touch lubrication but no greasy feeling, tough texture toughness, shaking sound clear

  • Blister box packing method


    Thermal sealing: It is a kind of blister sealing process. The paper card coated with blister oil on the surface is heated together with the bubble shell by the sealing machine to form the blister package. Ultrasonic sealing: It is a kind of blister sealing process, which uses ultrasonic machine to produce ultrasonic waves to glue the bubble shell and bubble shell together, forming double bubble shell packaging. Different from high-frequency sealing, ultrasonic can not only seal PVC, PETG material, but also PET material, and has no electromagnetic damage to the packaged products, especially suitable for the packaging of electronic products. The disadvantage is that the ultrasonic edge can only be spaced points, and is generally only one straight edge each time. High frequency sealing: It is a kind of blister sealing process, which uses high frequency wave machine to generate high frequency and glue the bubble shell together with the bubble shell to form double bubble shell packaging. Bl

  • Can disposable tableware be microwaved


    Most disposable tableware, whether it melts or not, is best left unheated. Some disposable meal boxes can be heated. There are disposable lunch boxes made solely for heating, but it is difficult to judge whether they can be heated. Therefore, in my opinion, as long as there is no label on the box can be heated, the default is not heated. Disposable lunch box can only be loaded with light meals, can not be used twice, the material of disposable lunch box is polystyrene, high temperature environment is easy to melt, more than 70℃ will appear deformation, easy to be corroded by strong acid and alkali, not anti-grease, easy to change color after ultraviolet irradiation. The safety of foamed plastic tableware is related to the PH of food, whether it contains oil, temperature, etc. According to the state regulations, the foamed plastic lunch box should be used below 70℃, so it is best to use microwave only for safety

  • Disposable environmental protection custom tableware, will lead the development wave of the industry


    According to statistics, in 2018, there were 364 million users of takeaway food in China, with an average person ordering takeaway food once a day. A takeaway food consumes 2 plastic tableware, 265.7 billion tableware will be consumed in a year, and the plastic waste will reach 10 million tons.


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